The first step to achieve your goal, is by finding who will guide you through the process. Using the internet can be the fastest way to find an agent to get your request done.  The internet has made it possible to link people all over the world. It’s easier to find a nearby agent by just just googling about it. We have registered IELTS candidates for years already and handling your request  if your from Italy, is not an exemption. 

Step 2: Applying For The Process

Once you have successfully found an agent to get started with, it’s import to understand some few criteria before moving forward with them.

  • Ensure you are comfortable with the process
  • Make sure you learn about the cost
  • Find out about the duration of the entire process
  • Ask them questions in regards to authenticity and the safety of your information

Step 3: Get Started And Delivery

In case they have answered all the questions above and you are satisfied, you can proceed with your request in hiring. To get started with us, you will do the following:

  • Submit your personal information
  • Send an initial deposit of your fee
  • Expect your request to be granted within 5 to 7 days.
Now that you aware of every step involved in getting you registered without ever taking the exam, now is time to get started on your own. To save yourself some stress, you can simply hire US to do this on your behalf so you do not about the taking the test. 
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Authenticity Of Buying An IELTS Certificate In Germany

The certificate you obtain from us is strictly from IDP and British Council. We do not in any way, have the power and authority to grant these certificates to the general public. We are simply facilitators that have made it possible to help candidates across the globe using our access and network we have with top IELTS insiders, administrators, examiners and the exam board members. 

We give our candidates the luxury to verify this certificates on their own to ensure the authenticity nature of it once we are done. Do not worry we have a step by step guide we have written to help candidates verify if an IELTS certificate is genuine or not.

You can also check the following  services we offer:

Your Data Privacy Protection

We also insure as well that, your data is 100% safe. Data privacy protection is in our DNA. Your data is 100% safe and we insure we don’t disclose them to any person regardless of their reasons for requesting it.

Read more about our Privacy Policy

Note: Everything here is 100% genuine. We don’t encourage fraud. It’s totally ungodly to scam someone or collect someone money and don’t give them what they paid for. We advice you verify any certificate you may collect from us or somewhere else before submitting it for any processing. You can verify them using any of the tools designed by the British Council or IDP. Click here to read about Obtaining IELTS without exam.Book Now

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